Tiger should not take a prolonged absence from golf

In the wake of his car crash and the revelations about his private life Tiger Woods has been dropped by several sponsors and has decided to take an indefinite absence from Golf. But he is a sportsman, what will he do when not playing golf? So long as he is not out playing golf he will never be able to put the issue behind him and give people something else look at when they see Tiger on the TV. So should he return to golf soon?

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Tiger should not take a prolonged absence from golf
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Tiger should not take a prolonged absence from golf
Yes because...

Better for health,marraige and fans


One of factors that help (in) patching (things) up (in) a marriage are undisrupted boring routine organised and expected day-to-day activities.

When a marriage is in trouble/Barney/falling-a-part, one way to keep it afloat is to
normalize the couple's lifestyle. If Tiger woods plays golf as he always did and goes home to his wife as he always did(without cheating on her); it would be easier for both of them to return to the life they once had.

Chaos, sudden changes are not good for generating/revitalizing/reimbursing stability in any relationship.

No because...

But on the contrary most relationship experts claim that marriages need excitement/tension/anomalies/surprises /energy/fights to survive.

Tiger woods needs to step out of the box and bring the zing/Bling/romance back into his wife's life. winning her heart once again with grand gestures and overblown tacky/cheesy/corny/insane/exotic/erotic stunts.

He maybe a laughing stock but everybody loves a clown(or one willing to stoop to undignified inebriated absurdity to win back his love and punish himself for being a cheat/cuckold)

Yes, Tom cruise's little act on Oprah lost him a bit but won him a lot more then a romantic can expect at his age(over forty and marrying someone half his age), after he became America's sweetheart/celebrated-romantic-underdog

test the waters and dive, Tiger.

She broke his golf clubs, beat him and he crashed his car, there is no reason to go back to that until matters are resolved/simmer-down with a little grand gesticulating/gesturing.

Tiger should not take a prolonged absence from golf
No because...

He has lot's of money and an IVY league education

Tiger woods has no reason to go back to golf , except for his fans(who aren't very happy) and the love of the game.

Earlier this year, Woods lost the P.G.A championship, for the first time. Tiger Woods was 11-0 when leading after Day 3 at Majors. however that was prior to Y.E. Yang's improbable long eagle chip on the 14th hole at the PGA championship [[www.fandome.com/video/114630/YE-Yangs-14th-Hole-Chip-Shot-Eagle/?q=k]]

Woods is getting old( and sports isn't kind to aging).

Woods' would have to reconcile with his wife to win most of his sponsors and plenty of fans back.

Which means he should not start playing golf soon but should be showering his wife with expensive gifts and a second-honeymoon type vacation, so she and other people he has scorned, love him again.

Woods is a Stanford graduate, he doesn't 'need' to play golf to make money and/or have something to do with his time.

Yes because...

His fan base is still very strong and all his sponsors didn't leave.
He should come back and play, so all the tabloids/media bring their attention to his game and not nose about in his private life.

Tiger should not take a prolonged absence from golf
No because...

Quit while he's ahead

The man is losing his touch/magic. He lost the P.G.A championship to Ye Yang, and other losses are sure to follow.

Tiger Woods should quit golf 'now' when his career has just begun to dwindle.

Yes because...

One loss isn't the 'end' of his career, he played a good game.Cut him some slack.

Tiger should not take a prolonged absence from golf
No because...

Publicly wrecked private life trumps dying career

Image-consciousness/advertising/public-image is more important for the survival of today's sports stars than the game itself. Players need to keep a good P.R, so that when their sports' agility(dexterity in his case) hits/meets senescence, they have something fall back upon.

Woods is losing his magic on the green/pitch/field/grass and his adulterous scandal is bringing him back in the news. He needs to satiate his wife, show the fans/sponsors that he can come out on top again. And once he becomes the 'he mended his ways-hero'-stereotype, he can get back to playing with his stress offloaded and all the motivation/pomp/gusto/support in the world.

Yes because...

He can be sweet to his wife and to his fans(by playing golf) simultaneously.

He should get back to golf before he loses touch/practice and his game/skill suffers/gets-rusty.

Tiger should not take a prolonged absence from golf
No because...

His wife gave him an ultimatum to quit golf or she'll quit him


Playing Golf cannot save his marriage or solve the problems /stresses of his private life.

He does however, need to take a break, maybe play golf; privately/alone and ponder while going to couples' therapy with her.

Yes because...

The media hyperbolically explodes Angry little words out of proportion. She probably didn't even mean it and was arguably/reasonably infuriated at the time.

Tiger woods should keep playing golf(that's what he is, and maybe why shell married him in the first place) and try to talk to her, from a safe distance.

If it doesn't work out, at least he'll be doing what he loves and making his fans happy by continuing to hone his prodigious skill.

Tiger should not take a prolonged absence from golf

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