Is India’s impertinent involvement in Pakistan,America & Afghanistan’s war/terrorism problem, unwarranted?

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Is India’s impertinent involvement in Pakistan,America & Afghanistan’s war/terrorism problem, unwarranted?
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Is India’s impertinent involvement in Pakistan,America & Afghanistan’s war/terrorism problem, unwarranted?
Yes because...

opportunism and impertinence

India previously(in the 70s) aided in the east and west Pakistan divide. The matter was Pakistan(east and west)'s business and not India's.

The East Pakistanis(now Bangladeshis) were a victim of an unfair election , where Bhutto won a majority in West Pakistan and Mujib-ur-rehman won an even greater majority in East Pakistan(now Bangladesh).

Since the results of the election were transparent and known: if Bhutto would have been allowed to rule both east and west Pakistan, then most naturally the west(America) would intervene making sure Mujib would be in power.

However, India took over and a war between the two parts of Pakistan ensued. And Sonia Gandhi announced that Pakistan's backbone(Bangladesh) was lost.

India tends to make use of Pakistani conflicts to make matters worse not better.

The horrible attacks on 26th November(death toll? less than a hundred),last year are being plugged incessantly to show Pakistan is the enemy.
Will/does that help terrorists? Yes

Even though the lives of thousands of Pakistani/Afghan/American/British/people-from-other-coalition-countries' soldiers and Pak-afghan-American civilians respectively, have been lost in fighting the war or in being at the wrong place/time[collateral damage Waziristan etc)Pak-afghan civilians and (9/11) American civilians]

Yes. Indian involvement in the so called war on terrior is obvious and now prooved by Pakistani military and international agancies. How? India is the worst enemy of Pakistan and cannot lose any chance to harm Pakistan. When US invaded Afghanistan, India being the so called "strategic partner" of US has US & Karazai trust. India established "RAW" camouflaged in the form of construction companies claimed the rebuilding of the country. India established many conciliates in different areas of the country to lounch RAW agents in the form of TTP. RAW spys disguised themselves as "Taliban" which was proved by killing innocents civilians, slaughtering the people, bombing the mosques, implementing non-valid (there created) Islamic laws, biting women, destroying schools and restricting the women in the houses etc, because the above mentioned "ACTS" have no relation with "Mujahids" or even muslims. Mujahids never do these.

Other evidences have been provided by Pakistan authotiries publically in the media.

India was even never be the fried of Afghanistan so why millions are invested in the country under war conditions? What benifit was taken by India?

India also involved in the unrest in Balouchistan (Pakistan forth province) for taking revenage of Kashmir and this was also proven. India is acused many times by Pkaistan for sending insurgents to Balouchistan and NWPF.

Another prove of India's involvement in Pakistan nothern ares where Pakistan Army is combating the terrorists is the Indian wapons, chemicals, mines and Gurkhas (one on the Indian state with Nepal) which is alos published in the media.

In my opinion India also wants US/ Neto forces to be engaged in Afghanistan for long so that a save haven is provided for India to insert insurgents in Pkaistan for destabilizing Pakistan by involving him in enternal conflicts for long time. So that Pakistan cannot be in a position to even think about his problems with India. The only way to keep the US/Neto forces in the rigion is the presence of Taliban infrocing strong resistance to US. Indian intelligence agencies also lunched many agents into Afghan Talibans as well. This is not dificult to do in such a country where people can be murdered for few "Afganies". Where rental fighetrs are available in the streets and the "fighters" are the highly paid "employees" of the country.

No because...

India only intervened, there was deep rooted racial resentment between east and west Pakistan. a war was inevitable. A former Pakistani president Ayub khan has called East Pakistanis an inferior race, while making money off their Jute produce. India only intervened, the conflict was already there.

The 26/11 attacks were devastating, India's tourism industry suffered,people died/'were killed' and Pakistan would not even take responsibility, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the attackers/bombers were/are from Pakistan.

India does recoganize that thousands of Pakistanis are dying but that does not change that 26/11 was horrific for India and that, certain Pakistanis(not the government, not the people but the attackers) were to blame.

Is India’s impertinent involvement in Pakistan,America & Afghanistan’s war/terrorism problem, unwarranted?
No because...

Bollywood is a huge media centre concentrated in/on the subcontinent ,making and distributing twice as many films as hollywood in the region.

India's Bollywood can be used extensively, to alter/change the mindset of local(pak-afghan) terror recruits who watch Indian films fervently.

Yes because...

But instead of using it to convince terrorists to mend their ways, India is using films(especially recently) to aggravate the animosity(since partition) between India and Pakistan:

1)Many recent films highlight the Kashmir issue in sync with terrorism; undermining Pakistan's side of the Kashmir conflict(Musharraf's actions in Kargil aide in this objective).

2)India is more interested in using her media to sever herself politically and militarily from Pakistan than in aiding the fight against terrorism by making films that will speak to and deter Pakistani recruits from their skewed path.

Is India’s impertinent involvement in Pakistan,America & Afghanistan’s war/terrorism problem, unwarranted?
No because...

Pakistan sees a ghost of its own creation.............

Why are even the educated Pakistanis in mortal fear of India?
Pakistan's founding fathers wanted it to be a land of dreams, a country where all its new citizens would be equal, they would grow as brothers and attain riches, away from divided, unstable and godless Hindustan......

Sadly, today that dream lies in tatters, the present day citizen has become paranoid, he sees an external ghost in every misery of their own creation - State sponsored Islamic fundamentalists, Pakistan nurtures them and calls them freedom fighters. The same freedom fighters now want much more than freedom of Kashmir and Afganistan, they want their kind of freedom in whole of Pakistan itself! The President and Prime Minister of Pakistan have said "India is not our enemy , the terrorist is!"

The intelligensia in Pakistan should stop being myopic, and not continue to be brainwashed by the mullahs and spin doctors in believing that India is the evil behemoth. Evil lies within Pakistan. Demand to disband and ban all those organisations which justify killing for any ideology.

The fact is, that India does not have time for Pakistan anymore. India is a strong, vibrant, economic power-house with its eyes firmly set on furthering its economic strength. In my opinion, Pakistanis should open their eyes and concentrate on nation building.

Becoming a religious state has not brought any good to Pakistan. It has only made way for the monster of fundamentalism to rear its head. Contrastingly, India's strength lies in its diversity and the ethos of peaceful democratic change it has adopted. We Indians do not beleive in change being brought about by bloodshed. The ballot is far more powerful than a bullet!

The common Pakistani should be telling their generals that the place of the army is in the barracks and not in the parliament! They ( ordinary citizens) should be the ones governing themselves, not a military general. Afterall this is the 21 century the days of military governors ruling are long over.

Pakistan should get out from the shadow of feudalism. The common citizen of that country should ask for better schools, hospitals, jobs, housing and economic empowerment of the common man. Their money is better spent on building institutions of modern learning than on missiles and madrasas.

China, a trusted ally of Pakistan is walking on the same path of economic development that India is on today. Pakistan should learn from them atleast, if not from India! Economic empowerment of the masses brings about a sea change in a society, the doom sayers get marginalised.

Envy India's strength in a positive way, borrow a page from our success story of economic development. Come join us, let us together, again make South Asia the powerhouse of the world it once was.

Yes because...

Is India’s impertinent involvement in Pakistan,America & Afghanistan’s war/terrorism problem, unwarranted?

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