the influences of celebrities on young people’s fashion trend

I want to mention the fashion trend of the young generation in my country: Vietnam. Due to the development of technology, we can upload information on any celebrity promptly off the World Wide Web and other media sources, wherever we are.Is it good for young people to dress like their idols?

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the influences of celebrities on young people’s fashion trend
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the influences of celebrities on young people’s fashion trend
Yes because...

something very similar is happening in Karachi, Pakistan

Fashion lovers are being divided into two distinct polarized groups of women:
1) Women who wear short skirts and off-shoulder blouses(revealing their legs and clavicles: ref: Pakistan Fashion Week[[]])
2) women who wear sequined burqah/burqas. [[]]


Jeans have been in the college-wear-picture for eons every where in the world. Levis,a cheap throw around jeans brand in the U.S, sells expensively/popularly everywhere else.

Jeans were however taken up with open arms fairly quickly because they do not reveal leg-skin(just like tights). And the skin of one's leg is something Asians have had past reservations about (now, navels, Asians are absolutely okay with showing off)

Is it morally wrong? I wouldn't say so

Is it another step towards cultural degradation? culture is an evolving construct,people change,dress and move with the times, otherwise we'd all be dressed like cavemen.

No because...

Mrs.World will be held in Vietnam and it is important that Vietnam as a country advertises it's own fashion trends/identity/designers instead of incorporating/carbon-copying/xeroxing boring common plastic western garb into the event.

Vietnam should uphold her cultural roots and exclusive/original designs, Ford's assembly line was chucked long ago and in our modern times there is a calling for originality/individuality/creativity/diverse-identity/'the artiste/'the connoisseur'.

Vietnam, sell yourself
be a corporate guru not a corporate slave/serf!



the influences of celebrities on young people’s fashion trend
Yes because...

it really has bad impact on young people

many young people are not aware of the danger when they imitate their idols, from dress to the behaviour. i remember that a girl -who wanted to become to look like Britney Spears had suffered from a lot of comestic surgery to change all her face and she was happy about that. We dont have the right to critise her, but from my point of view, she lost herself for is only an example about the people who following their idol without any thoughts (maybe it goes a little far the main topic)

No because...

Yes, people go to dangerous extremes for the sake of looking good or trying to fit their impression/version/definition of beauty. From breast-beating in South Africa to liposuction surgeries in Hollywood(and thus everywhere else).

But that doesn't make 'fashion' itself bad. Everything can be misused ,misinterpreted and taken to extremes.

I have a maid whose husband wanted her to be fat(refer to Lollywood and Arab films to cite chubby heroines) and he made her take drugs and now she's gone from Teri Hatcher to Humpty Dumpty and I can only imagine the adverse health effects of such an immediate change in body shape.

And we all know that obesity isn't good for our health.

The point being, what ever fashion trend you follow whether Asian/eastern/western/Middle-Eastern/African, it can 'ALWAYS' be taken to dangerous extremes.

these points are typed in the wrong columns :(

the influences of celebrities on young people’s fashion trend

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