Is it fair to describe the current crop of England players as our ‘Golden Generation?

The England football team often offer so much promise but rarely deliver. They scrape through the group stages of tournaments only to go out in the Quarters. This current generation has been described as the ‘golden generation’ and expected to perform as such, so have been a disappointment so far. Is it fair to put such expectations onto the players?

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Is it fair to describe the current crop of England players as our ‘Golden Generation?
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Is it fair to describe the current crop of England players as our ‘Golden Generation?
Yes because...

They asked for it, we didn't label them for nothing

That's right the team raised expectations of their performance, we were told time and time again,that they were the best, most talented batch of English players in forty years. But when the time comes for them to up their game or step up to the plate they let us down?

We still believe in them, but blaming our support for their demise isn't the way to go, they need to clean up their act as Phil McNulty BBC SPORT 's Chief football writer suggests.

Aston Villa's Gabriel Agbonlahor and James Vaughan are young, sprightly players who might rise above the challenge. The aging team stars have done their time and need to be let go. Beckham was relieved and it worked out fabulously for the team. We need younger hopeful/stars.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter intends to have a quota(restricted number, limit) for foreign players at clubs to bring in more club-talent for the English team. But would that keep the competition off? What England needs is better selection, training, more prodigious young players and a greater stress on averting injury.

It isn't right to blame the fans that give them fame, fortune and the rest.

No because...

Lampard speaks:
"We should never have been called the Golden Generation," he said.

"We didn't make up the term. I don't know where it got made. But the reason people talk about the 'golden generation' is that we have a good crop of players.

"They are very talented individuals, but we have not made the most of it. We have all held our hands up to that many times.The Golden Generation should only be said once you have won something. Then you can be called the Golden Generation.

“Look at 1966 when they won the World Cup. That WAS a golden generation. It was said much too early about us but people picked up on it."

"Now is a great chance," he added. "I am not saying we are going to win the World Cup, but we are in better shape than we have been.

"The team is working as a unit much better than it has done in the past. We have good individuals; we are experienced - and we have World Cups behind us.

"But the proof will be in the pudding. It is up to us to take all those plus points and use them next summer."

"I am pleased with how my career with England has gone," said Lampard. "In fact I am probably enjoying it now as much as I have ever done.

"I was disregarded for a couple of years - probably quite rightly because I don't think I was ready to play regularly for my country then - and I have had my ups and downs.

"But anyone who has played for 10 years has probably had the same kind of thing. I am very proud to have reached this level. Now I want to go on and make it 100."

Please forgive the team for not making a 100 per cent World Cup qualifying record in Ukraine on Saturday. They're going to the world cup in South Africa and they do not like being labeled or pressured. How would you like being labeled/tagged? and then harassed whenever you do not meet the impossible standards of that very label?

Lampard sees a silver lining and good for England, watch out South Africa, the British are coming, not the fans though.
call them the Golden generation once they win this year's world cup (if they do). For now they cannot and will not stand for the label.

Is it fair to describe the current crop of England players as our ‘Golden Generation?
No because...

No , the players are under too much pressure

It is impossible for the team to live up to their fans' expectations and sooner or later they will crack. When people maintain ridiculously high expectations of the team, the team is left in no position but to disappoint them.
The star players(including John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand and Lampard) are getting old and frank Lampard is hugely frustrated by how the team is consistently being set up to disappoint, anytime the players win they are not given as much as a pat on the back since they are expected to win but when they lose they are out for a bashing.
And since England's football players are each of them, something of a celebrity. Each player has to deal with the constant blaring lights of the media and tabloids, one player was booed by England fans for cheating on his wife. All these factors cause a tremendous amount of pressure and prove to be very demoralising for the team. To top all of this. the winners of the Brits have refused to write or sing the world cup song.

Cut the team some slack, let them be, support them don't breathe down their necks and exaggerate their every fault( on or off the field)

Some young talents seem to be emerging and the old players should now give their best(in both senses). There are problems with frequent injuries, coaches not getting the players in the positions that they ask for and on the whole a lot of confusion. It's a good thing, England fans have to sit at home, they have become too much of a rowdy, aggressive, critical ,mean ,and demoralising bunch.

Conclusively,the players should and must be very relieved.

'While the most recent feelings have been of disappointment – losing their 100% World Cup qualifying record in Ukraine on Saturday – in building an eight-match ­winning sequence to reach South Africa with two games to spare, Lampard and friends have given themselves an opportunity finally to prove they are as good as that early hype first suggested.'-[[]]

England has Eagles souring over it once again. The team has another chance to live up-to the tag of the 'Golden Generation' they cannot let distracting expectations lead to one false move.

Yes because...

They need to stop whining about the pressure and start concentrating on making the necessary changes to win the World Cup.

The label 'the golden generation' can be, a self-fulfilling prophecy. The team must prove that it is great and achieve her destiny.

Is it fair to describe the current crop of England players as our ‘Golden Generation?
No because...

Same story different year

Every time England enters an international competition England screams the rhetoric that England will win it this year, or that this year is the best chance they have had of winning it. But let us face facts, despite these retorts, England has not won any major competitions in decades!

The British public are placing too much hope in the current team, just like they have in all other teams who failed to deliver.

Yes because...

-'The golden generation' might just surprise you.

Is it fair to describe the current crop of England players as our ‘Golden Generation?
No because...

hope is an advertisers dream

It is the media that places the English football fans sights and expectations so high, even when such expectations are unwarranted. Why would they do this? Because by building up hopes of English success more people buy the newspapers to read up on the latest team activity, more people attend the matches in the vain hope that England will win, and more money is spent on English jerseys and merchandise. The hope for this team is created by the media to encourage spending in major businesses. It is high time we saw this 'hope' as the medias money cart that it is.

Yes because...

They DID make it to the World Cup with two games to spare. And they without doubt harbour immense talent. To dismiss their achievements is hugely callous and outright outrageous.

The reason the dream still sells is because it is still alive, no amount of advertising would help support for the players if they were without merit or achievement.

Is it fair to describe the current crop of England players as our ‘Golden Generation?

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