Racism: Beyond Black And White

Racism, despite global protest and condemnation, remains crystallized as a real & abominable issue even today.Racial stereotypes plague the media. Racism has now, been proselytized from people of OTHER races to people of the same race: We are taught to be racist against our own kind and are pushed to want to fit in and be cosmopolitan & generic, exalting/severing ourselves from a mocked/feared/ethnic/accented/weird stereotype.

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Racism: Beyond Black And White
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Racism: Beyond Black And White
Yes because...

Gene Yang: Expressions of an American Born Chinese

The only and first graphic novel to ever have a shot at winning the National Book Award in the United States portrays the life of an Chinese-American and on page three of the quoted article [[page3 http://www.america.gov/multimedia/photogallery.html#/4110/gene_yang/%5D%5D the protagonist(an American-born Chinese 'Jin') is being racist towards another Asian and perhaps in so doing is expressing his own self-hatred for being born into a Chinese family.
Research has shown that racial minorities are more racist towards each other, than people of other races are to them and vice versa (eg.most African-Americans prefer other black people with relatively light/lighter skin) [[http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090830013943AA0QMpX]]

No because...

Drill-bit Taylor is one, very recent film that addresses the uncool oriental male stereotype by casting a good-looking Asian male in a leading but villainous role.

Asian women like Michelle Yo had very impressive roles already.
And Jackie Chan: though a big movie-star never really went past Disney-comedic.

Asians are generally depicted as cool/awesome in martial arts films in recent decades;

Yes the 80's were different; case in point: All Asians/chinks/Japs talk funny

But that has changed dramatically/considerably in the past two decades.

Racism: Beyond Black And White
Yes because...

Insulting Intelligence statistics on particular races and communities

Countless studies have been used to prove absurdly racist ideas such as 'black people are stupid' [[http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v457/n7231/full/457786a.html]]

I.Q has been a biased measure of intelligence for multilinguals who have amassed knowledge of more than one language and are judged for having a fairly limited "English" vocabulary.

People of different classes , tend to also be racially divided and also acquire a different understanding of the same thing. For example the meaning of 'uptight' in the British lower classes was 'snotty' while within Highbrows was 'stiff'.There was a sociological research conducted on how language differs with class, which included this fact.Moreover, the research revealed that upper-classes use/d 'elaborated' tongue, whereas lower classes use/d 'restricted tongue' same words to express many conceptually similar but slight different ideas. This leads to a language barrier created by class and race, misrepresented as a variation in intelligence.

No because...

All these ideas are looked into and condemned.
Though race based research should benefit races.

Rather than a race thing maybe the states should be labeled according to geographical regions since we're all kind of mixed.

Racism: Beyond Black And White
Yes because...

Racial profiling

I was reading 'What the dog saw' by Malcolm Gladwell and he had a very interesting conversation with New York City's police commissioner Raymond Kelly, on racial profiling:

"We have a policy against racial profiling,"Raymond Kelly,told me(Gladwell),"I put it in here in March of the first year I was here.It's the wrong thing to do,and it's also ineffective.If you look at the London bombings,you have three British citizens of Pakistani descent. You have Germaine Lindsay, who is Jamaican. You have the next crew,on July 21st, you are East African, You have a Chechen woman in Moscow in early 2004 who blows herself up in a subway station, so whom do you profile?Look at New York City.forty percent of New Yorkers are born outside of this country(the U.S, and the rest have descended from foreigners). Look at the diversity here. Who am I supposed to profile?

"You think terrorists aren't aware of how easy it is to be categorized by ethnicity?"Kelly went on. "Look at the 9/11 hijackers. They came here. They shaved. They went to topless bars.They wanted to blend in.They wanted to look like they part of the American dream.These are not dumb people.Could a terrorist dress up as a Hasidic Jew and walk into the subway, and not be profiled? Yes I think profiling is just nuts" -[[What-the-dog-saw-Gladwell]]

The point being even terrorists of our time try to strip themselves of race(and the stereotypes carried with it) to fit in.

Where did this mentality arise from , why were we told sounding/looking too red-necky/Indian/chinese/Arab/anything was/is a bad thing? what is even worse is xenophobia towards your own people, yourself.

No because...

The idea therefore is, that people are NOT judged for their race but rather displaying stereotypes associated with that race. Whether it be not drinking alcohol, Not going to titty bars, wearing funny-looking-clothes, speaking-in-a-foreign-accent and so on.

Therefore 'race'-(superficial-pheno-typical-birth traits) itself is not the real issue but distinctly different behavior from those around you; that propels antagonism from majorities or a pack of bullies.

Racism: Beyond Black And White
Yes because...

The confusing caucasian race

Caucasian was originally a medical term used to describe all the people of South Asia, North Africa and Europe.

Later in 1923 A Hindu American asserted that unlike Europeans and middle-Eastern peoples(Arabs), South Asians though caucasian could be termed as being 'white'

A few decades later laws separating/demarcating whites and Caucasians were removed. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasian_race]]

Who/what are the Caucasian people??
in a world where the racist pejorative for Arabs is 'desert nigger'
and Iranians are called 'Black' by Brits?

No because...

The fact that there is confusion over the demarcation of races; And there should be; considering how mixed we've all gotten.
Does not mean that everyone/majorities is/are racist but that race distinctions are not clear, moving towards being non-existent.

to quote the lyrics of an old song

"What we need is a great big melting pot;
big enough for the world and all its got;
keep it stirring for a hundred years or more;
churnin' out coffee coloured people by the score"

Here's to melting pots and Salad bowls
and Jinnah,the founder of Pakistan who reportedly drank alcohol and ate pork.[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinnah]]

Racism: Beyond Black And White
Yes because...

Paki and Curry

case in point-

harassed by white males(first verbally then physically) on tube.

We're all accustomed to horror stories centered on American subways:muggins/assaults/even-murders but the good ol' English was been generally spared by the media as an unsafe public place, rather using the Tube is an inherent part of being a Londoner. People living in London use it regularly and they know by rote the portion of the maps that are relevant to them.
It is about time the tube was made safer and sexual/racial-harassment is/was effectively and rightly given her due pause.

disclaimer:Nobody eats "curry" in Pakistan; Curry[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curry]] is London's staple food and most Pakistanis who study in the U.K don't even like 'English' curry(weirdly called Indian or Vietnamese curry, even though it isn't eaten in the subcontinent nor Vietnam). The Former Bengali now British woman who started/owns the English curry empire is well aware of this fact.
Curry is a purely Euro-American term for foreign food made/cooked and eaten in Euro-America.

No because...

bullies are bullies; they will harass whoever they like;
public transport everywhere has security issues(threats from extreme cases:from anyone dropping a bomb in a bus,setting the bus on fire, killing/robbing/raping people); yes these security issues are serious and should be effectively addressed.

On a side-note this will have benefits in the light of the climate; since more people will opt for safer transport and therefore the same same vehicle/bus/subway/tube.

The point is that bullies can use anything as an excuse to pick on people(good looks or bad looks, racial minority or majority it doesn't matter); they are bullies that's what they do; to attribute their behavior to racism is being a little off.

Racism: Beyond Black And White

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