Human cloning is beneficial to society

Human cloning driven by stem cell technology has long been in a debate between science and religion. It is as much a moral issue as much as scientific issue, technology to improve human conditions. Where should the line be drawn? And started from this point, is there any path forward?


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    Human cloning is beneficial to society

    Yes because... No because...

    Not as much potential as stem cells

    suppose if one thinks of improving only one particular thing and stop doing all things that have failed earlier then defenitely in this world we would have not got what we have today simply improving one or the same will not give a balance

    The benefits of cloning can be gained elsewhere such as stem cell research, Professor Austin Smith of the University of Cambridge says research cloning may never lead to cures and that scientists should focus more on adult stem cell research. he says "Its prominence is out of proportion to the significance of what's being done, and there are real question marks about whether it has any utility at all."[[]]

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