Does it matter which party wins?

With a general election due in Britain next year, each party is trying its best to appear more trustworthy, inventive and reliable. Yet when we look to recent elections in Japan and also Gabon, there is a high level of skepticism that there will be anything but a continuation of the same, bound by the realities of government. Are significant elections a rarity, with change dependent on other factors, or does it always matter who wins?

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Does it matter which party wins?
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Does it matter which party wins?
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Each party has a different Ideology and a different plan for dealing with the recession

Different parties have different ideologies and this election is really voting on which way the country will deal with the recession and the huge level of debt this country has incurred. Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats all have differing methods ranging from increasing public borrowing to cutting public expenditure, so in a way this is the most crucial general election in England for a very long time as people have a chance to show what they believe is the correct economic policy for the country to follow.

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Does it matter which party wins?

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